New Indexing Standards Effective July 1, 2012 can be viewed by clicking here.

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 Indexes are now available from 1872 to February 21, 1985 under the "Old Index Books" tab.  You may select Grantor or Grantee,  time frame, enter the surname you are searching then the page number the name is shown on.  You may then page through the book.  After finding the entry you need, select either Deed or Deed of Trust under book type and enter your book/page.  Images are available beginning with Deed Book 1 and Deed of Trust Book 121. 

Index images have been cropped and enhanced.  Some of the older deed images are of poor quality due to age and use.  Please let us know if you are unable to view an image.

Effective March 1, 2023 and until further notice, our office will no longer issue certified copies of Birth or Death Certificates of individuals who were born or died outside of Watauga County.  Please contact the county in which the birth or death occurred to find out how to order the certificate online.  We are also unable to initiate Vital Record Amendments of any kind at this time.  We do have amendment forms available to the public that can be completed and submitted directly to NC Vital Records in Raleigh, or you may contact them at 919-733-3000 for assistance.  We apologize for the inconvenience and hope that soon the implementation of a new system at NC Vital Records will allow us to resume these services.

Welcome to the Watauga County Register of Deeds website which has been created to provide the citizens of Watauga County with information about the services offered in the Register of Deeds office. We provide the information on this site for your use and convenience. The Register of Deeds office is the primary custodian of permanent records for the county. We record deeds, deeds of trust, cancellations, powers of attorney, plats and other miscellaneous documents related to real property. The Vital Records division maintains Watauga County birth records, death records, marriage licenses and military discharges.

We strive to provide the best possible service to our customers and to protect and maintain the integrity of the records while providing open access to these public records.

Feel free to browse our site for information that might be helpful to you.  If there is ever anything my staff or I can assist you with please feel free to call on us at anytime.

Amy J. Shook
Watauga County Register of Deeds

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