Watauga County Employment Opportunities

Job TitleLifeguard
Application DeadlineN/A
Beginning Salary$12 per hour

Lifeguards must be at least 16 years of age. Lifeguards must have completed the current American Red Cross Lifeguard training program, CPR-PR program, and First Aid program. (other lifeguard certifications will be reviewed) Previous experience as a lifeguard is desirable. A lifeguard must have good swimming abilities, be comfortable with their rescue skills, resuscitation skills and first aid skills. A background check is required for all employees. Lifeguards should observe and enforce all rules and regulations; prevent injuries by eliminating or reducing hazardous situations; rescue and respond to emergencies; and administer first aid to victims of an injury. Lifeguards should also be able to: 1. Communicate with other lifeguards and/or staff about the need for additional assistance and/or equipment. 2. Positive public relations skills with patrons, public and staff. 3. Attend all in-service training programs. Be aware of all facility programs and scheduling. Lifeguards should educate the facility users and inform them of the purpose and need for the rules; complete required reports and records on time; and carry out all other duties as requested by the supervisory staff members. This is a permanent, part-time position. Hours will include weekday and weekend commitments, as well as early morning, evening, and holiday hours.

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