Watauga County Pools

Inside Watauga County Community Center are two brand new pools created for all members. Whether it be to do laps in our competitive pool or play and relax in the recreation pool. We have something for all either it be for exercise or fun.

The recreational pool has water features and 2 slides for all ages to enjoy. As well as a pool for playing or simply relaxing in. The training pool and kiddie pool resides around 84-86 degrees with saline chlorination water. Slides and features may be operational based on schedule and staffing.

Watauga County Rec Pool

Our competitive pool has multiple lanes for exercise. With saline chlorination water and water temperatures around 80-81 degrees gives all users the ultimate swimming experience. As well as a climbing wall hanging above the pool open during scheduled time slots for fun and exercise. With our viewing area you can cheer on friends and family during swim meets or other events.

Watauga County Lap Pool

Watauga County Stands