Athletic Department

General Athletic Information

In order to register for any athletic programs you must turn in completed registration form along with registration fee to the Watauga County Parks and Recreation office before 5:00 p.m. on the posted deadline date. Registration forms are available at the Watauga County Parks and Recreation office. Forms are also available in the Boone Mall on our Information Board near the food court. Any accepted late forms have an additional fee of $20.00 per youth athletic form and $50.00 per adult athletic form. Any accepted late youth registration form is not guaranteed placement on preferred area team. To participate in a Watauga County Parks and Recreation program you must reside in Watauga County. Scholarships are available in youth athletic, you must fill out the proper paper work to be and be approved by the Watauga County Parks and Recreation Director. For up-dated information on whether games are being played you may call 828-264-9511. The announcement is up-dated each day and/or night as needed, dependent on the weather conditions.

Sponsors are welcomed to contact Watauga County Parks and Recreation about having a team wear t-shirts with their business name prominently displayed on the front, which all participants keep. Sponsorships range from $225.00 to $375.00 per team depending on team and league. Volunteer youth coaches are also required to coach all youth athletic teams. Please call 828-264-9511 if interested in sponsoring or coaching.

Youth Athletics

Youth athletic programs are designed to provide a fun learning and growing experience for boys and girls. Youth can benefit from league play in football, soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis and softball as well as a variety of special events such as NBA 2ball. Watauga County Parks and Recreation youth athletic philosophy is to promote participation, sportsmanship, fun and skill development. As a general rule all youth athletic teams meet an average of three times per week (includes games and practices). A majority of weekday meetings do not begin until 5:30 pm, on Saturday's the teams meet anywhere from the morning to mid-day and teams do not meet on Sunday's. No teams operate on a pre-determined set schedule.

The Watauga County Parks and Recreation Athletic Staff are totally responsible for the placement of participants in all its youth athletic programs. Parents, coaches or other individuals cannot place youth participants on Watauga County Parks and Recreation teams. Program participants are divided, (as evenly as possible), and teams are formulated with regard to the child's age, gender, school grade, and school or residential location. Special considerations are given to brother/sister, son or daughter of head coach, actual transportation hardships and "reasonable accommodations" as stated in the Americans with Disabilities Act. Exceptions cannot be made in the placement of any youth athletic participant due to their age, gender or school grade. Youth baseball appeals may be presented to the Watauga County Little League Board of Directors.

Adult Athletics

Adult athletic programs are designed to provide a competitive leisure opportunity that promotes fitness and well-being to the participants through league play. Adults (age 16 and over) can participate in softball, baseball, basketball and volleyball. The goals of the program include participation, sportsmanship and fun.

If you are an individual who would like to play but not member of team, please call Watauga County Parks and Recreation so we can assist your efforts.